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The .CA market has grown exceptionally in the last year. Over the last few years, the .CA market has become the most registered extension for Canadians, which means that individuals have started to choose .CA as their preferred extension. We now see the .CA adoption rates for Canadian businesses flourish far more than any other ccTLD (country code top level domain). It is important when developing a website to acquire the perfect domain name.

A question you may ask yourself is “How do I purchase the perfect domain name?” The most challenging aspect of registering a domain name is that a large portion of common terms have already been taken. However, don’t feel discouraged. Here are 5, easy to remember and highly effective ways to get the best domain name for your business or personal use.

1. Use the WHOIS search on (Canadian Internet Registration Authority) to see if the name is available.

If the name is available this is usually the cheapest and quickest way to start your adventure. If your preferred name is taken, try some variations. Although the readily given suggestions should never be your first pick, use them to get some ideas.

2. If the WHOIS shows that the name is taken, make sure you visit the URL and see if a website already exists. If the website is developed you are less likely to be able to purchase the domain. Many times you may see a for sale link and that may be an easier contact method. You can also check different marketplaces to see if the domain is already listed for sale.

If you still want to reach out to the owner you can contact the owner of a domain by going to (Canadian Internet Registration Authority) and performing a WHOIS lookup. You can then directly contact that owner and see if they are willing to sell the domain that you are interested in. Have a plan going into any negotiation discussions and make sure you set a budget. The value of a domain name really depends on what you are planning to do with it.

Keep in mind that some domain owners prefer to keep their information anonymous, in such cases, you may have to use the “Interested Party Contact Form” as a facilitator. This is available on and you can use those means to reach out to the owner of the domain name.

3. TBR (To Be Released)

Domains expire daily and get released to the public every Wednesday through the TBR which CIRA holds weekly. On an average week there are approximately five thousand domains that will get released which may be used for your business or for personal use. In most cases these are higher quality domains that you would not find available to register yourself. So, if you are in a specific niche it doesn’t hurt to check the TBR lists often and see if a name suits you. TBR can be a very complicated process for beginners; I will give more detail on where you can learn more about this.

4. Marketplace

There are many auctions being held for .CA domains. This is usually when an owner is trying to sell a domain name and decides that they would like it on the open marketplace. You will usually find fixed prices or sometimes auctions for such domain names. In the latter case, there will always be competition and always set a budget when acquiring domains.

5. Online Forums

The most effective way to learn about domains, purchase and sell your domains is through one of
many online domain forums. I am the owner of DNCANADA Inc. which is located at This is an online domain name forum that specializes in the .CA market. You can purchase domains from others and learn about the domain industry. There are many Registrars, Web designers and Domain Industry Professionals who are eager to discuss domains and web development with you. It’s a great place to understand how TBR (To Be Released) process works and how to acquire the best domain names. It is important to note that in order to purchase a .CA domain you must fulfill the Canadian Presence Requirements which are available on

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