Are you a WordPress genius?

We have our speakers set now for WordCamp Victoria 2011 on January 22nd. Thanks to all our speakers who are volunteering their time for the WordPress community in Victoria!

Want to contribute some of your time? How about volunteering for the Genius Bar?

What is a Genius Bar, you ask? It’s new to our WordCamp, but the concept is not new.

I believe it was Victoria’s own Lloyd Budd who was one of the first to try the Genius Bar concept at WordCamp. It has since been replicated at WordCamp’s around the world.

The idea is simple:

A “smart person” volunteers for a shift to help people one-on-one with their problems, questions, etc. During that hour, people can approach these geniuses to ask them anything… and they will try to help.

Want to volunteer for this?

Leave a comment, or contact us. Indicate your preferred time (the schedule is posted), and the topic area you feel you are most expert at.

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Victoria WordPress User Group

At the last WordCamp, I received completed surveys from about 1/3rd of the attendees. On that survey, the final question was:

Would you attend a local WordPress Users Group?

The response options were “Monthly”, “Quarterly” or “No”, and totals were as follows:

  • Monthly: 14
  • Quarterly: 24
  • Monthly and Quarterly: 1
  • No: 10 (… and 4 indicated they lived too far away)
  • Blank: 3

Clearly there is an interest in having a regular Victoria WordPress User Group. As such, I have undertaken the task.

Since there was a split between Quarterly and Monthly, I split the difference.

Dale Gann of Vancouver Island Technology Park has kindly volunteered their space for our meetings. I have booked the 2nd Thursday of odd numbered months, with meetings scheduled to begin at 6:30pm.

This means the first event is 9 days before WordCamp. I timed this intentionally … so people who are interested in coming to WordCamp, but feel they need a bit of a primer first can take advantage of this opportunity. At this meeting, I will be presenting an Introduction to WordPress. We will be charging $20 for this first meeting, to be split 50/50 between (a) funds for future WordPress User Group operations, such as speaker expenses, and (b) the Cridge Transition House for Women.

Why a charitable contribution? I figured this is a good habit to get into from the start. We can discuss whether to continue this as a regular practice at the meeting.

I’ve put some of the digital infrastructure in place, too, as follows:

  • I renamed the Meetup group we had for WordCamp to WordCamp Victoria and Victoria WordPress User Group (since the audience for getting together is likely to be pretty much the same, as indicated by the survey).
  • I set up a separate Twitter account for the Victoria WordPress User Group, though. I figured that this could eventually be a shared account for people who become active in the group, vs. yyjWordCamp, which we’ll keep specifically for WordCamp Victoria.
  • I registered the domain name for potential future use. I figured we’d see what the interest is in having a website/blog for the group. While it seems obvious for a group of this nature, we could always use a section of this website for WPUG, instead.
  • I did not set up any other social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). I thought we’d wait and see if there is a need/demand.

I’m looking for a team of people who’d like to help out with things. I suspect we’ll keep things pretty “ad hoc” until we see what the real interest is. If you are interested, please reply below or contact me elsewhere.

Like WordCamp, this is an event for everyone in the WordPress community. This includes bloggers, developers, designers and anyone else who is interested.

See you on January 13th!

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WordCamp Promo Video

A big thanks to Juhli Selby who recorded this video at Social Media Camp.

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WordCamp Victoria 2011

Early-bird registration is now open for WordCamp Victoria 2011January 22nd, 2011 at University Canada West.

A huge thanks goes to UCW for permitting us to use their space again for this event!

Please contact me if you are interested in speaking, volunteering or sponsoring.

More details will be shared on this website, and elsewhere…

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Social Media Camp

We’re a ways off from the next WordCamp, but Social Media Camp is coming up on Sunday, October 3rd in Victoria. I suspected there may be some WordCampers that would find this event interesting and useful.

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