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WordPressive: WordPress Delivers the Goods

Online writer, editor and noted “productivityist” Mike Vardy answers the following question: Why does WordPress rock so hard?

Covering several aspects of the extremely (and ever-evolving) blogging platform-cum-content management system, Mike will take you through a rollercoaster of why WordPress is the best choice for those who want to have as much control over their content as possible, drawing on his own past experiences for his talking points. From the basic what, when and where content is presented all the way to how WordPress can get your stuff out there for a bunch of eyeballs to see, it’s all jam-packed into this little keynote talk.

He may even touch on a productivity angle or two that WordPress has available to its users – that’s his forté, after all.

Besides answering the first question regarding the whole WordPress rocking hard thing, you’ll walk away from the talk totally charged up for a full day of WordPressive sessions. It’s going to be a great little primer to start off the day.

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