Agenda – Historical

Agenda – 2011

Attendees are welcome to move back and forth between three tracks for the day: “Beginner”, “Advanced” and “Mixed Tape”.

The Student Lounge and gymnasium are open all day for people to set up their laptops and exchange ideas, tips, etc. in an informal way.

We will also be setting up an informal Genius Bar. Contact us if you’d like to make yourself available for this.

8:30am (Gymnasium) – Registration, Informal Coffee/Tea

8:45am (Gymnasium) – Welcome to WordCamp!

9am – 9:50am

  • BEGINNER – Beth Campbell Duke – Bring Your Laptop: Quick-Start Your WordPress Blog
  • ADVANCED – John Overall – Top Five Plugins for Enhancing Your WordPress Website
  • MIXED TAPE – Nancy Fraser – Build A Website That Is A Marketing Asset

10am – 10:50am

  • BEGINNER – Mike Vardy – A Comedy of Errors: Screwing Up Your Way To Blogging Success
  • ADVANCED – Charles Frees-Melvin – Advanced Theming: Teaching Your Theme to Beat WordPress with a Stick
  • MIXED TAPE – Jordan Keats – Including “Press This” as Part of Web Strategy

11am – 11:50am

  • BEGINNER – Janis La Couvée – Promoting through Blogging
  • ADVANCED – Alex Blackie – Building a Portfolio With Custom Post Types
  • MIXED TAPE – Lorraine Murphy – More than Marketing: Social Media as Customer Service

NOON (Gymnasium) – Lunch (Door Prize Draw in the Gymnasium)

1pm – 1:50pm

  • BLOGGER PANEL – Lorraine Murphy, Mike Vardy, and Rebecca Bolwitt (moderated by Janis La Couvée)
  • MIXED TAPE – Cheryl and Mike DeWolfe – Categories vs. Tags: Organization Smackdown!

2pm – 2:50pm

  • TECHNICAL PANEL – Kulpreet Singh, Charles Frees-Melvin and Alex Blackie
  • BEGINNER – Chris Burdge – Top 10 Blogs of 2010 and Why

3pm – 3:50pm

  • BEGINNER – Rebecca Bolwitt – Securing WordPress & Cleaning Up Hacks
  • ADVANCED – Kulpreet Singh – eCommerce
  • MIXED TAPE – John Biehler – Using MAMP/WAMP for offline WordPress Development

4pm – 4:50pm

  • BEGINNER – George Plumley – The Ten Most Forgettable Things About WordPress
  • ADVANCED – Morten Rand-Hendriksen – 10 WordPress Theme Hacks to Improve Your Site
  • MIXED TAPE – David Hutchison – Relationship Building as it Relates to Blogging

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